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At the Scottish, our high conviction, global contrarian investment approach aims to generate above-average investment returns over the longer term for our investors…

Monthly Factsheet – July 2019

Global stockmarkets rose in July, as the Fed cut its benchmark interest rate for the first time since 2008, with Chair Powell describing it as merely a “mid-cycle adjustment”...

Thinking differently from the investor crowd,
with Alasdair McKinnon

Alasdair McKinnon talks about investment cycles, the risks of passive investing and his approach to stock selection.

A Game of Phones

Since the dotcom bubble burst, the telecoms sector has lagged the broader market. However, we see signs of change that may signal a new lease of life for the industry…

Interest rate cycles

Sometimes the economy – like a push bike – just needs a little boost!
Read our thoughts this week on cycling, central banks and interest rates...

Money… what’s it all about?

Iona Bain looks at the evolution and importance of money, its management, and how investors might patiently weather the vagaries of the stockmarket.

The Contrarian

Download the latest newsletter from The Scottish – Summer 2019 edition is now available...

A contrarian approach can pay dividends

Can taking a contrarian approach really pay off?
In our article, we discuss why patience is a virtue when it comes to unloved stocks.

The Scottish named ‘Best Investment Trust’ at Shares Awards 2018
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