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At the Scottish, our high conviction, global contrarian investment approach aims to generate above-average investment returns over the longer term for our investors…

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Finding income in a dividend drought:
A contrarian approach

With roughly half of the UK’s FTSE 100 companies having cancelled, cut, or suspended their dividends, there is a good rationale for income investors to look further afield.

Can gold keep its lustre?

The price of gold has reached new highs of late, to over $2,000 per ounce. We discuss why we have long favoured this precious metal, the key catalysts for its latest rise and whether it can keep its lustre.

Investing in your children’s future

Worries aside, the children’s return to school should bring back a sense of normality and discipline – key elements for their development. Thinking of their journey ahead, what steps can parents take to meet the long-term costs associated with education?

The Contrarian

Read our Manager Alasdair McKinnon’s latest insight on the rationale for potentially looming inflation, an article on The Scottish’s dividend track record, and more, in our latest newsletter…

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If you’re new to investing, interested in contrarian investing or just looking to find out more about investment trusts, we’ve a range of useful videos, podcasts and blog content for you...

Monthly Factsheet – August 2020

In August, the stockmarket recovery resumed, taking global equities to new all-time highs. This apparently full recovery is deceptive, however, with many stocks still significantly below their pre-pandemic levels

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We do not attempt to follow investment fashions but instead seek investments in which we can foresee long term upside in share price performance.

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