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Monthly Factsheet – April 2020

As investors took heart from sizeable new stimulus measures and signs that lockdowns may soon ease, the world’s battered stockmarkets rebounded in April. The S&P 500 recorded its best monthly performance since 1987 – in defiance of economic data and corporate earnings reports.

How Covid-19 will change supply chains

When it comes to manufacturing, China is the ‘factory of the world’. But with some companies having faced shortages of manufacturing components, will that change? Has Covid-19 exposed flaws in their supply chains?

Message from Alasdair McKinnon, Manager

Even as large-scale disruption in China became evident, investors effectively shrugged. In light of this, we made some timely changes in advance of the current correction.

Navigating the storm

As contrarian investors, we’re always on the lookout for excessive complacency and, conversely, seeking opportunities where investors have grown too gloomy. In this article, read how we prepared for the current storm...

Investment trusts for generations

These are challenging times for many, but it’s important to remember that there’s much to look forward to and plan for. And long-term investing can be useful in the future – for all generations.

The Scottish named ‘Best Investment Trust’ at Shares Awards 2019
[Video] A. McKinnon on
CNBC Street Signs

A. McKinnon comments on some of the most significant macro events that shaped global stockmarkets, including Brexit, gold, tech stocks and more.

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