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At the Scottish, our high conviction, global contrarian investment approach aims to generate above-average investment returns over the longer term for our investors…

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The shapeshifting economic recovery

Now that vaccination programmes are well underway, the end of the Covid-19 pandemic is in sight. From bathtubs to crazy Ks, we explain the different shapes the economic recovery might take.

Finding income in a dividend drought:
A contrarian approach

Although we don’t actively target companies that pay dividends, the contrarian investments that we are attracted to tend to pay higher dividends over the course of an economic cycle.

The Contrarian

Our quarterly newsletter for Winter 2020 ‘The Contrarian’ is now available. If you’re an investor in The Scottish, it’s only days until the newsletter is due to land on your doorstep.

Opportunities for investors in

As contrarians, we focus on the stocks that are unloved and underappreciated – but have a catalyst for change that others miss. As we look towards 2021, we have singled out three key areas of the market where we believe the best opportunities may lie.

What is the cost of free money?

Whether it’s through furlough schemes or other promises of fiscal stimulus, governments around the world have jumped on the borrowing bandwagon. But what is the cost of free money?

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If you’re new to investing, interested in contrarian investing or just looking to find out more about investment trusts, we’ve a range of useful videos, podcasts and blog content for you...

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Who we are

We do not attempt to follow investment fashions but instead seek investments in which we can foresee long term upside in share price performance.

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Read our latest news, views and thoughts on a wide range of contrarian investing topics.

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Shares in The Scottish Investment Trust can be bought and sold in a number of ways. Find out more.

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