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At the Scottish, our high conviction, global contrarian investment approach aims to generate above-average investment returns over the longer term for our investors…

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Why dividends matter

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that we often talk about dividends. That’s because they can make a big difference to your long-term investments.

Five ‘behavioural blockbusters’ for lockdown and beyond

Broaden your investment horizon in these unprecedented times with this list of thought-provoking and enjoyable reads…

Your learning hub

If you’re new to investing, interested in contrarian investing or just looking to find out more about investment trusts, we’ve a range of useful videos, podcasts and blog content for you...

Interim Report & Accounts

The Scottish Investment Trust’s Interim Report & Accounts for six months to 30 April 2020 is now available

Message from Alasdair McKinnon, Manager

Even as large-scale disruption in China became evident, investors effectively shrugged. In light of this, we made some timely changes in advance of the current correction.

The Scottish named ‘Best Investment Trust’ at Shares Awards 2019
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Who we are

We do not attempt to follow investment fashions but instead seek investments in which we can foresee long term upside in share price performance.

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Read our latest news, views and thoughts on a wide range of contrarian investing topics.

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Shares in The Scottish Investment Trust can be bought and sold in a number of ways. Find out more.

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